Check out our gorgeous studs! All these gorgeous young men are health tested and proven! They will add quality, and in some cases color, to your breeding program. We are located near Durant, OK, and listed prices cover stud fee and for us to meet you for a surgical AI at Durant Animal Hospital.



Bean is the sweetest snuggle buddy you’ve ever seen. He’s a gorgeous merle with an amazing personality and build. He can produce merle, blue, sable, and more.
Eme Kbky ayay Dd BB NN M*m



Handsome Ozzy is small and compact with the most precious heart. He is the best lovebug ever, and he makes absolutely gorgeous babies! He’s a lilac and tanwho can create lilacs, blues, brindles, fawns, and more.
At/At B/B co/co d/d E/E EM/EM

Willie Wonka


Willie Wonka is a gorgeous boy who loves to run and play followed by a little lap snuggling. He is a chocolate fawn who carries blue, tan points, and cream as well, so he can create some amazing puppies with your beautiful girl.
Eme nn AyAt Dd BB nAt 

Mr. Bojangles “Bo”


Bo is the sweetest, most lovable boy you’ve ever seen. He is a blue fawn and pictures don’t do him justice. He can create blues, fawns, pieds, brindles, and more.
EmEm kyky ayay dd BB NN mm

Little Hercules


Little Hercules is 4th generation for our program and just the sweetest little doll you have ever seen! His creams and pieds are just amazing!
ee kyky ayay DD BB NN mm



Liam is a handsome cream dude who carries blue. He is super funny, especially when he finds a mud puddle and does his “Two Face” impression. He makes the prettiest little cream babies you have ever seen!
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