Frenchie Facts

What do you need to know about Frenchies? Generally speaking, Frenchies are:

  • Not Pugs
  • Much smaller than English bulldogs. Frenchies typically run 18-28 pounds
  • Known for their “bat ears”
  • Laid back and lots of fun
  • Good with kids and pretty much all people
  • Content to have just 1 person or a whole bunch of people to love
  • Great snugglers
  • Couch potatoes
  • Good on a leash
  • Not terribly athletic but prone to doing what’s affectionately known as the “Frenchie run”, where they tear around the house for a short period of time 
  • Well-suited to apartment life or much larger spaces
  • INSIDE DOGS. They can’t regulate temperature well, so they must not be left outside
  • Not good swimmers. If you have a pool or plan to take your baby to the lake, buy a life jacket
  • Some are worse than others, but most Frenchies snore at least sometimes, and some even while awake
  • Fart monsters. Seriously
  • Precious and funny and almost impossible to have just one

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